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Guest Post: Dart Client for NATS

By: Chaitanya Munukutla - Date: January 4, 2019

I think it was during early 2015 when I first heard the term message broker. I was pursuing my masters degree on P2P networking and had to simulate a steady throughput of incoming messages. I wasn’t a geek then - so the workaround was to do an infinite Thread.sleep() loop. Don’t groan - I was just 21. RabbitMQ was my first tryst with the messaging systems lot. I was new to relationships and didn’t have much to compare with, so RabbitMQ seemed just fine. Read More…

Performance Profiling of the NATS C Client

By: Ivan Kozlovic - Date: January 14, 2016

When I was tasked with writing a C client for NATS, I decided to use the excellent Go Client as the model. We were going to provide more Apcera supported clients, and for maintainability sake, it was better that all our clients’ implementation follow the same model. However, before getting the very first alpha release out, I was not happy with the performance results. I decided to use a tool to instrument the code and see where the bottlenecks were. Read More…