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GopherFest 2017 Talk: On Adopting Context in the NATS client

By: Waldemar Quevedo - Date: May 19, 2017

Last Monday, the 2017 edition of the GopherFest was held and we also gave a quick talk on how we added Context support to the NATS client, a feature which has been requested since around the time of the Go 1.7 release. As the context package now is part of Go, many more library authors are adopting it to support /cancellation propagation/ for blocking calls, making up for more readable code: Read More…

Time for another great NATS Meetup

By: Brian Flannery - Date: March 2, 2016

Hello everyone. It’s been a great start to 2016, and we didn’t want to go too long without hosting another NATS meetup. Now that we are well past the holiday hangover, and into the conference and event season, before things get too busy we wanted to invite everyone out to our offices in the heart of San Francisco at 140 New Montgomery Street. On March 22nd, we will be hosting a NATS Meetup (RSVP here if you can make it! Read More…

NATS Lands in London

By: Brian Flannery - Date: November 7, 2015

As the community and innovation around the project has grown this year, we’ve had many requests for meetups, and have had some great content submitted to us by the community in support of these events. The meetup held in San Francisco in August was fantastic, and we had a great series of talks there. Wally Quevedo, a core member of the NATS team, gave a must-watch talk on monitoring gnatsd servers. Read More…