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Guest Post - How Aditiva uses NATS in the Financial Services industry

By: Andrés Cerda Jullian - Date: February 2, 2016

Aditiva recently started to use NATS inside solutions for financial institutions that are our customers. In this blog entry, you can learn more about Aditiva, some of our products, and how we use NATS in delivering these solutions for financial institutions. Aditiva provides a High Performance Financial Transactional Platform (Aditiva EFT),that integrates Financial Institutions’ Core Systems, with 3rd party networks. For example, Financial Institution Customers execute different Financial Transactions using Plastic Cards from ATMs and POS networks; these generate ISO 8583 transaction messages, that are captured and routed to authorization services provided by the Aditiva EFT Platform installed on Financial Institution premises or on the Issuer side, and it is managed and supported by Aditiva. Read More…