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Guest Post: Synchronize web apps in real time with NATS+Resgate

By: Samuel Jirénius - Date: September 7, 2018

REST APIs are nice. Simple. Stateless. Scalable. But to keep client data updated in real time, things get more complicated. Streaming events is easy, but you start having to deal with questions like: Which resources do I need events for? How do I manage sending each client only the events they need? Can I prevent subscription to some events for unauthorized clients? Who keeps state of these event subscriptions? Read More…

Guest Post: How Ariane is moving from monolith to microservices with NATS

By: Mathilde Ffrench - Date: August 16, 2016

Some words about the Ariane project: While the DevOps trend is reducing application delivery time with automation on any step of the deployment, we still need to reduce the time to understand complex distributed applications: We still rely on hand-written technical documentations and diagrams; These documentations and diagrams are dispatched across teams (silo effect); The documentations and diagrams are also often not up to date (technical debt effect). Knowledge management is a key factor in reducing silo effect and improving the integration of new team members. Read More…