Community Support for NATS and Clients

You can ask questions in our community forums in Slack or Google Groups, both of which have many knowledgeable users.

Commercial Support and Services


One of the lead corporate stewards of, offers two enterprise-grade offerings.

  • Synadia Cloud - A global, multi-cloud, multi-geo and extensible connectivity fabric for messaging, streaming, pub/sub, key-value, and object storage services. Synadia Cloud is powered by and fully managed by Synadia.
  • Synadia Platform - An all-in-one control plane for your NATS infrastructure, designed, built, and supported by Synadia. Available via self-hosted or managed cloud deployment options.


  • Expert support for your NATS deployment by the core contributors and maintainers of
  • 24/7/365 support and troubleshooting on your specific issues from the expert engineers who know NATS inside and out.
  • Architecture Design reviews and recommendations to scale, secure and operate your NATS infrastructure.

Luxant Solutions

NATS is the first choice that Luxant Solutions uses when enabling businesses to best leverage their distributed computing and communication technologies.

Services include:

  • Strategy and guidance around NATS enabled distributed applications, microservices, and devices
  • Architectural guidance and assessments
  • POCs / Benchmarks
  • Implementation or Advisory roles

Whether your environment is cloud, edge, device, or on-premise, Luxant can help. Luxant Solutions is owned and operated by a NATS maintainer.

Reporting bugs

If you’d like to report a bug/defect, please open a GitHub Issue on the relevant NATS repository. We’ve provided some guidelines for doing so here .