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NATS is a high performance messaging system that acts as a distributed messaging queue for cloud native applications, IoT device messaging, and microservices architecture.

NATS Connect Live!

April 16, 2020 @8am PDT

Join the NATS Team for our first free live virtual conference with topics and community speakers geared towards developers and end users. Register now and don't miss this inaugural day of NATS learning and community sharing.


All times are PDT with the schedule broken into 20 minute presentation slots; including slides, demos, and questions, with a 10 minute break after each block. Agenda is subject to change.

Talk TopicSpeaker(s)Scheduled StartDescription
Welcome & IntroductionDerek Collison8:00amWelcome to NATS Connect Live!
Serverless on Kubernetes with OpenFaaS & NATSAlex Ellis8:20amDiscussing 3 main PLONK stack projects and how NATS integrates with Serverless
NATS & RustTyler Neely8:40amWriting a NATS Client in a Language Geared for Performance and Correctness
Resgate.ioSamuel Jirénus9:00amBuilding REST and real-time APIs with Messaging
Pub/Sub on the Power GridDwayne Bradley9:20amEnabling realtime communications for the modern power grid
NATS as Service MeshDale Bingham9:50amUsing NATS to Implement Service Mesh Functionality
NATS JetStreamR.I. Pienaar10:10amThe future of NATS Streaming
NATS WebsocketsAlberto Ricart / Ivan Kozlovic10:30amOpening the world of NATS to Web and Mobile
NATS SurveyorColin Sullivan / R.I. Pienaar10:50amSimplified monitoring for complex deployments
NATS & KubernetesWally Quevedo11:10amPast, Present, Future
Cloud Native WebAssemblyKevin Hoffman11:40amwaSCC, a framework that allows developers to strip away unnecessary boilerplate and compile pure business logic into WebAssembly modules
NATS & Augmented RealityRon Britvich12:00pmNATS in Unity - Worlds' Augmented Reality Platform loves NATS
NATS LeafnodesDerek Collison12:20pmThe Best of All Worlds
NGS Getting StartedWally Quevedo12:40pmIntroduction to Synadia's global NATS system, NGS
Running NGSDavid Kemper / Phil Pennock1:00pmA DevOps perspective to running NATS globally
Bearer Tokens in NATSKyle Thomas1:30pmDistributed Identity & Permissioning: The case for bearer tokens in NATS
SwimOS & NATSSimon Crosby1:50pmBuilding SwimOS WebAgent Apps from NATS Streams
NATS Community & Ecosystem EngagementGinger Collison2:10pmCode contributions, hosting Meetups, NATS evangelism
NATS Future Work & Wrap UpDerek Collison2:30pmWhat's next after we Connect Everything?
Audience Q & A

Speaker Information

Speaker information for the event is listed below. We encourage participants to contact the Synadia team via our NATS Slack Channel.

Derek Collison
Creator of NATS, CloudFoundry
Dale Bingham
Dwayne Bradley
Ron Britvich
Worlds, Inc.
Simon Crosby
CTO @ Swim
Alex Ellis
CNCF Ambassador & Founder @ OpenFaaS Ltd
Kevin Hoffman
Distinguished Engineer @ Capital One
Samuel Jirénius
David Kemper
Synadia, Engineer
Ivan Kozlovic
Synadia, Engineer
Tyler Neely
Synadia, Engineer
Phil Pennock
Synadia, Engineer
R.I. Pienaar
Synadia, Engineer
Wally Quevedo
Synadia, Engineer
Alberto Ricart
Synadia, Engineer
Colin Sullivan
Synadia, Product Manager
Kyle Thomas
Founder & CEO @ Provide