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Getting Started with NATS Streaming

This tutorial demonstrates NATS Streaming using example Go NATS Streaming clients.



Download and install the NATS Streaming Server.

Clone the following repositories:

  • NATS Streaming Server: git clone https://github.com/nats-io/nats-streaming-server.git
  • NATS Streaming Client: git clone https://github.com/nats-io/go-nats-streaming.git

Start the NATS Streaming Server

Two options:

Run the binary that you downloaded, for example: $ ./nats-streaming-server

Or, run from source:

% cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/nats-io/nats-streaming-server
% go run nats-streaming-server.go

You should see the following, indicating that the NATS Streaming Server is running:

% go run nats-streaming-server.go
[89999] 2016/06/25 08:54:35.399071 [INF] Starting nats-streaming-server[test-cluster] version 0.1.0
[89999] 2016/06/25 08:54:35.399315 [INF] Starting nats-server version 0.9.0.beta
[89999] 2016/06/25 08:54:35.399326 [INF] Listening for client connections on localhost:4222
[89999] 2016/06/25 08:54:35.400721 [INF] Server is ready
[89999] 2016/06/25 08:54:35.737589 [INF] STAN: Message store is MEMORY
[89999] 2016/06/25 08:54:35.737610 [INF] STAN: Maximum of 1000000 will be stored

Run the publisher client

Publish several messages. For each publication you should get a result.

% cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/nats-io/go-nats-streaming/examples/stan-pub
% go run main.go foo "msg one"
Published [foo] : 'msg one'
% go run main.go foo "msg two"
Published [foo] : 'msg two'
% go run main.go foo "msg three"
Published [foo] : 'msg three'

Run the subscriber client

Use the --all flag to receive all published messages.

% cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/nats-io/go-nats-streaming/examples/stan-sub
% go run main.go --all -c test-cluster -id myID foo
Connected to nats://localhost:4222 clusterID: [test-cluster] clientID: [myID]
subscribing with DeliverAllAvailable
Listening on [foo], clientID=[myID], qgroup=[] durable=[]
[#1] Received on [foo]: 'sequence:1 subject:"foo" data:"msg one" timestamp:1465962202884478817 '
[#2] Received on [foo]: 'sequence:2 subject:"foo" data:"msg two" timestamp:1465962208545003897 '
[#3] Received on [foo]: 'sequence:3 subject:"foo" data:"msg three" timestamp:1465962215567601196

Explore other subscription options

	--seq <seqno>                   Start at seqno
	--all                           Deliver all available messages
	--last                          Deliver starting with last published message
	--since <duration>              Deliver messages in last interval (e.g. 1s, 1hr, https://golang.org/pkg/time/#ParseDuration)
	--durable <name>                Durable subscriber name
	--unsubscribe                   Unsubscribe the durable on exit