Our NATS community consists of company end-users, partners, and OSS contributors that make up a vibrant ecosystem. If you’d like to help make NATS and its resources better, check out the Ways to Contribute below. Chances are, if you find a feature useful, others will too.


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Ways to Contribute

The best way to get started contributing to NATS is to read our Contributor’s Guide. Here are some examples of how you can contribute:

Please contact us with any other suggestions.


NATS is an open source project hosted by the CNCF. All colors, logos, and styles should be used as governed by the Linux Foundation/CNCF.

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Coming Events

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When: KubeCon EU 2024
Who: Tomasz Pietrek & Jeremy Saenz, Synadia
What: Distributed AI: Using to Seamlessly Connect AI Applications from Cloud to Edge
Where: Paris, France

More Information

NATS Ambassador Program

The NATS Ambassador Program celebrates people who have demonstrated significant value in the NATS community, by developing a track record of providing valuable help through community channels as well as contributing to issues and discussions, reporting detailed bugs, suggesting code changes, and improving the NATS documentation.

How to become an ambassador

  • Current NATS maintainers and ambassadors can suggest a candidate
  • A semi-annual vote occurs among the maintainers and ambassadors
  • The person is elected and voted in as a NATS Ambassador

Once you are chosen as an ambassador

You will -

  • Be added to the file in the nats-io/nats-server repo
  • Be added to the NATS community page with your picture and bio
  • Receive unique ambassador swag 😊
  • Receive a complimentary conference registration
  • Participate in an optional review of the NATS roadmap
  • Participate in an optional quarterly call with the NATS maintainers

Current NATS Ambassadors

Maurice van Veen

"After first stumbling upon NATS, I quickly fell in love with it. I had contributed to the Java client, and afterwards I just had to learn Go to be able to contribute to the server too! Happy to be a part of the community.
I am interested in distributed computing, fault tolerance, open source, being challenged during my work and having loads of fun while doing it!"

Check out our interview with Maurice van Veen.


We work with a variety of companies to ensure NATS is delivered in a broad range of solutions used by our community. Contact us to Partner .