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Using NATS: Function, Callback, Request, Response

By: Brian Flannery - Date: November 11, 2015

Bill Chute of Acadiant Limited has been using NATS for some time, and has given us some great feedback along the way. As Bill has stated in the past “We considered a number of modern messaging platforms. NATS was the clear choice because it’s the highest-performance message broker we could find, and it solidly supports all the languages in our stack. Because of its clean design, it was easy for us to get up to speed with NATS and it gives us the scalability and responsiveness we need. Read More…

Community Update at The London NATS User Group Meetup

By: Brian Flannery - Date: November 9, 2015

The audience at the London Meetup was great! We had many local companies represented, and some of the leaders of other meetups such as Alexandre González Rodríguez (one of the organizers of the Go London! Meetups), and Milos Gajdos (co-organizer of the Kubernetes London Meetups) present as well. I enjoyed meeting everyone, and getting your feedback after the talks. My talk was focused primarily on: What is NATS? Some meetup members were new to NATS, so in a nutshell, NATS boils down to simplicity and mind-blowing speed. Read More…

NATS Lands in London

By: Brian Flannery - Date: November 7, 2015

As the community and innovation around the project has grown this year, we’ve had many requests for meetups, and have had some great content submitted to us by the community in support of these events. The meetup held in San Francisco in August was fantastic, and we had a great series of talks there. Wally Quevedo, a core member of the NATS team, gave a must-watch talk on monitoring gnatsd servers. Read More…