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No Technology is an Island - no matter how cool & innovative you think it is. Another way to say it would be: if you don’t participate in a broader ecosystem you will perish. Whether the developer has their favorite toolchain, or a customer wants to incorporate it into their existing IT infrastructure, people will demand integration.

One of life’s best lessons is simple things tend to win. So that is why we are so excited to update everyone about the progress the NATS community has made in a few short weeks since the launch of our Connector Framework. While the current adoption of NATS by customers has exceeded our forecasts we believe the way to supercharge it is via the power of the ecosystem.

For those of you that missed it you can watch Colin & Brian explain the Connector Framework and how you can win limited edition NATS Swag by building a connector (HINT: if you submit a Connector to us by June 30th…):

Here are just a couple of examples:

Apache Spark

An example of how useful Connectors can be is the solution Logimethods is delivering around SMART Metering using NATS with Apache Spark, which was recently discussed at a NATS Meetup:

Be interesting to see what else the community comes up with over the next few weeks. Maybe connectors for MQTT, Prometheus, or Elastic next? ….But I’m guessing our inventory of custom NATS Hoodies will be gone soon!

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