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As some of you may have noted, last week a new version of the nats-top monitor for NATS has been made available for download on Github:

If you’re looking for a bit more information about nats-top, my talk last fall at a NATS meetup on nats-top is here:

As nats-top is a top like monitoring tool, so developers who prefer terminal tools such as this will be very comfortable with it. already provided a built-in HTTP monitoring endpoint, allowing developers to introspect state information from the server. This also makes devising custom monitoring tools for NATS easy - just poll data from this endpoint.

This version now features monitoring NATS servers which make use of the HTTPS port for doing so securely with certificates.

nats-top -h
usage: nats-top [-s server] [-m http_port] [-ms https_port] [-n num_connections] [-d delay_secs] [-sort by]
                [-cert FILE] [-key FILE ][-cacert FILE] [-k]

gnatsd --tls --tlscert server/server-cert.pem --tlskey server/server-key.pem  -DV -ms 8222

nats-top -ms 8222 --cacert ca.pem

An example of this is below:

A GIF showing nats-top in action

Here’s an additional list of release notes for this version:


  • Flags for monitoring via https using certificates
  • Displaying of name column for clients sending one on CONNECT
  • Added displaying of uptime column
  • Sorting via idle, last activity which server now supports


  • Aborts polling in case first request to monitoring port failed

I’m interested in any questions, feedback, and comments you have on nats-top - please feel free to reach me via Twitter or Github.

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