NATS Lands in London

Brian Flannery — November 7, 2015

As the community and innovation around the project has grown this year, we’ve had many requests for meetups, and have had some great content submitted to us by the community in support of these events.

The meetup held in San Francisco in August was fantastic, and we had a great series of talks there. Wally Quevedo, a core member of the NATS team, gave a must-watch talk on monitoring gnatsd servers .

The NATS community in London has been very active in using NATS, as well as helping us validate our roadmap concepts and direction. The London Microservices User Group has been great about sharing information on NATS at their meetups, and we’ve enjoyed getting to know some of that group better as well.So the next place that made sense to host a meetup was London.

On October 20th, we held the first international NATS meetup in London at the Maker’s Academy , a web dev bootcamp in the heart of Silicon Roundabout. The team at Maker’s Academy were very helpful arranging the meeting space, and it was perfect for the group. It didn’t hurt that we had extra pizza to go around either, and we were able to give away an Amazon Gift Card to the winner of the drawing, Milos Gajdos !

The guest speakers were excellent. Bill Chute of Acadiant Limited gave a talk about how they use NATS at Acadiant, and also dived in with some code snippets and examples. Raul Perez of Carrenza then gave a great overview of how they use NATS in their IaaS/PaaS platform (Ernest), and the value of NATS in relation to some key Microservices concepts. We’ll cover more from each speaker in an upcoming post.

Again, I’d like to give a big thanks to all the guest speakers, and I would also like to thank Maker’s Academy for being such great hosts!

Tweet at me, email me, or message me in the NATS Google Group to suggest where NATS should go next!

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