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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2018 in Copenhagen, Denmark has come and gone and we are getting back to work but first, a recap!

This was our first conference for NATS under the stewardship of Synadia Communications, Inc. and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), and for this Synadian, my first technology conference ever. With a sold out conference of over 4,300+ attendees, this event buzzed with energy and excitement each and every day.

As a new CNCF incubation project, NATS was honored to be invited to participate in the CNCF Project Updates Keynote with Liz Rice. Colin Sullivan delivered a succinct overview of NATS basic DNA in conjunction with Wally Quevedo’s live demo of NATS performance and availability using the NATS Kubernetes Operator, Prometheus, and Grafana. Even with all of the worrying over a live demo for 4,300 people, the demo was a huge success and worked perfectly. This opportunity provided visibility to NATS to those otherwise unaware of the project.

We did not have a booth of our own for KubeCon EU this year, so the NATS team manned the CNCF Meet the Maintainers booth at times during the conference. The variety of questions and diversity in use cases for NATS shows the breadth of the open source community and gives the team good insight into what the tech industry and developers are craving. Next up was the Sponsor Booth Crawl and Reception. So many people, so little time. One of the event sponsors, Sysdig, showed a live demo featuring NATS along with Falco and Kubeless in Sysdig’s demo of active Kubernetes security proving the simplicity and scalability of NATS.

Day 2 of the conference dawns with interesting and informative keynotes along with the anticipation of our two scheduled talks. Kelsey Hightower’s ‘Serverless, Not So FaaS’ and the Head of Engineering at Monzo Bank, Oliver Beattie’s keynote ‘The Anatomy of a Production Kubernetes Outage’ were favorites of the team. There were great turnouts for both NATS scheduled talks with interesting questions from those already working with NATS and those just curious how NATS could help with their projects.

If you couldn’t make it to KubeCon or attend the talks in person, you can view the CNCF posted videos or download the slide presentations below.

NATS Intro hosted by Colin Sullivan | Review Slides | Watch Video

NATS Deep Dive hosted by Wally Quevedo | Review Slides | Watch Video

Now that the ‘work’ was out of the way we could relax and enjoy the rest of the conference. Thursday evening, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU was welcomed at Tivoli Gardens for some food, drinks, and fun! We had a great time chatting with other conference goers, enjoying the nice weather and rides including a few rollercoasters and a spirited session of bumper cars.

We are thankful to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and all those who participated in KubeCon. We sincerely appreciate the community’s interest in NATS and know our time spent in Copenhagen was successful to further education about NATS. We look forward to seeing you in December at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Seattle 2018!

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