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Run NATS Server Docker Image

In this tutorial you run the NATS server Docker image. The Docker image provides an instance of the NATS Server. Apcera actively maintains and supports the gnatsd Docker image. The NATS image is only 3 MB in size.



1. Set up Docker.

See Get Started with Docker for guidance.

The easiest way to run Docker is to use the Docker Toolbox.

2. Run the gnatsd Docker image.

docker run nats

3. Verify that the NATS server is running.

You should see the following:

Unable to find image 'apcera/gnatsd:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from apcera/gnatsd
4a5a854cef4c: Pull complete
f875c489604e: Pull complete
0c6ff92460a8: Pull complete
1778a851720d: Pull complete
77d6ce67d574: Pull complete
02ca8857c86d: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:a984331654d262616ca4df0c0414097898c487abaa8a3fdb22a78da3c74c7801
Status: Downloaded newer image for apcera/gnatsd:latest

Followed by this, indicating that the NATS server is running:

[1] 2015/09/04 20:26:46.344254 [INF] Starting gnatsd version 0.6.6
[1] 2015/09/04 20:26:46.344297 [INF] Starting http monitor on port 8222
[1] 2015/09/04 20:26:46.344378 [INF] Listening for route connections on :6222
[1] 2015/09/04 20:26:46.344402 [INF] Listening for client connections on
[1] 2015/09/04 20:26:46.344414 [INF] gnatsd is ready

Notice how quickly the NATS server Docker image downloads. It is a mere 3 MB in size.

4. Run the NATS ping client app.

cd /nats-docs/tutorials/examples/
go run nats-ping.go